Treating Metastatic Cancer

Treatment options to prevent development of metastasis, e.g. after surgical removal of a primary tumor, remain an unmet medical need.

Cancer spreads from primary, often treatable tumors to produce life-threatening metastases in other organs

Systemic and local therapies, while providing many
benefits to the patients, have made little progress in curing metastatic disease.11,12,13,14,15. For example, in developed countries, nearly 30% of women with early stage breast cancer will eventually develop metastatic breast cancer. This reduces the rate of survival from ~92% for women with localized tumors that can be removed, down to 73% for women that have circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in their lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis, to 13% if metastases have already established themselves.

Furthermore, economic, regional, and race disparities significantly impact cancer rates16. Access to inexpensive and simple treatment options could make a significant impact for cancer patients worldwide.